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The ToolBox is one of several knowledge sharing instruments. It exists to make documents and tools for Organisational Development available for the HORIZONT3000 TAs and their Partner Organisations in order to support the process of capacity development within these organisations. The ToolBox is an interactive and dynamic space; therefore everybody is invited to share experiences on tools and to contribute with the upload of new tools.

If you have any documents you want to share with the HORIZONT3000 Network, please contact Kristina Kroyer here. She will guide you through the process. We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know more about the tools you’ve developed or used!

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Further Information for Uploading Files

The files stored at the platform show a specific structure with abbreviations for a better distinction and understanding of its contents. Please use these abbreviations and RENAME your files BEFORE you make an upload to the platform!

For example:

Structure: “language_shortfilename_year.pdf”
Example: “ENG_microorganisms_2011.pdf”

Abbreviation / Language

ENG / English
ESP / Spanish
FRA / French
POR / Portuguese
DEU / German

Abbreviation / Type of document

CAS / case study
CHL / check list
CON / documentation of events
EVA / evaluations
GUI / guidelines
LIN / link lists
MAN / manuals, handbooks
PRE / presentations
PUB / publications, studies
QUO / quotes
SOW / software
POS / strategy paper, policy paper, position paper
SYS / systematization document
TEM / template
TTT / tools, tips & tricks
WSL / workshop layout
OTH / others

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