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Do you need specific information regarding Rural Development and Natural Resource Management?  Chances are you’ll get it here.

Instead of developing strategies and policies for Rural Development from scratch, why not take a look and see what others have been doing and how it went for them?

Are you working on a new project concerning a specific topic regarding Natural Resource Management? Go ahead and take a look at the Experiences, Systematization and Evaluation folders. The lessons our partners have learned might just be what your project needs in order to be successful.

When researching new methods and tools for your projects, trainings and/or workshops, the folders Manuals & Handbooks as well as Publications & Studies might be a great source for you. Save time and effort by using documents, guides and templates that the KNOW-HOW3000 members have already created.

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Do you have anything to add to our folders?

KNOW-HOW3000 exists for and thanks to you. Without the experiences and knowledge you share with us, our Knowledge Management Platform would not be possible. That’s the reason why we strongly encourage you, to contribute your valuable content in order to make it accessible to the KNOW-HOW3000 network. If you have a piece of relevant information that you think our Knowledge Management Community would benefit from, please let us know! We’d love to hear about it!

The person responsible for the Rural Development section of our Files & Downloads is Petra Herout. Get in touch with her here:


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Further Information on Filenames

The files stored at the platform show a specific structure with abbreviations for a better distinction and understanding of its contents.

For example:

Structure: “language_country_typeofdocument_shortfilename_year.pdf”
Example: “ENG_EA_SYS_microorganisms_2011.pdf”

Abbreviation / Language

ENG / English
ESP / Spanish
FRA / French
POR / Portuguese
DEU / German

Abbreviation / Type of document

CAS / case study
CHL / check list
CON / documentation of events
EVA / evaluations
GUI / guidelines
LIN / link lists
MAN / manuals, handbooks
PRE / presentations
PUB / publications, studies
QUO / quotes
SOW / software
POS / strategy paper, policy paper, position paper
SYS / systematization document
TEM / template
TTT / tools, tips & tricks
WSL / workshop layout
OTH / others

Abbreviation / Country

AUT / Austria
ETH / Ethiopia
BRA / Brazil
CA / Central America
EA / East Africa
ELS / El Salvador
GTM / Guatemala
KEN / Kenya
MOZ / Mozambique
NIC / Nicaragua
PNG / Papua New Guinea
SEN / Senegal
SSD / South Sudan

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